Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stray cat - Get a place or independent ?

This week I just watch a local authority staff caught cat and put it in the cage. It is because the cat don't have owner and make dirty at the house and market.The cat will put in some place and will take care by some of the specialist. Honestly, I'm sad when see many cat in the cage but maybe it is better for them. They have place and meal but maybe not independent like before. How about your opinion ? Do you think it is better for them to release or not?


The Lee County Clowder said...

If they are only going to be in there a short time, that doesn't look too bad. At least no one seems to be fighting.

Are they going to release them eventually, do you know? So many places, stray are just rounded up and killed.

zool said...

lee --> like what they said.. there's no release..
yup.. there's no fighting.. just meowing and angry with each other when being touched by others.
they will feed until there's other person want to become an owner. and it ain't easy coz the cat is not commercial cat like Siamese cat , etc.. just pray they will happily live at the place.

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