Friday, September 30, 2011

Is milk okay for cat ?

Lak just can drink milk. So I just search whether milk is okay for cat and found this article :-

Question: Is Milk Okay for my Cat?
My cat enjoys milk, and I give her a small amount two or three times a week. Will this help or harm her? I've read somewhere that milk is not good for cats.
Answer: Generally speaking, milk is not recommended for adult cats, as many of them are lactose-intolerant, and have problems digesting it.
However, If she's not throwing up or having diarrhea, she's probably okay with it. Some experts advise that cream is better than regular milk if you must give it to cats, probably because cream has less lactose than whole or skim milk. But again, a small amount of skim milk seems to be okay for your kitty, so I wouldn't worry about it.

Also, recently, several new lactose-free milk substitutes for cats have been developed, such as CatSip, which may also be found in some food stores and most large pet supply stores. If your cat enjoys milk, she may like these products too.

Hope this will ease your mind.

Source :-

I've no option. Lak just can drink milk. But we not feed him with ordinary milk. We feed with milk that only for pet. Hope it is okay.. Any suggestion?


The Tower Hill Mob said...

We hope Kak is feeling better. He is a handsome cat!
Toby and Cupcake

The Lee County Clowder said...

In the US, you can find 'kitten milk', designed to be fed to kittens (duh!). Not sure if you can find it in Malaysia, but there must be something similar around for kittens that are orphaned or need a little topping up.

Our main concern with standard milk would be whether it has all the odd enzymes kitties require. Of course, if milk is all Lak will eat, at least he's eating something.

Hang in there, Lak. We're still purrrrrring for you.

The Lee County Clowder said...

PS: We've heard that while most adult kitties in the US are 'lactose-intolerant', that is not true in other parts of the world. No idea if that is true or not, but we put it out for whatever it might matter.


Nikita said...

Oh!! Tadinho do Lak, se Deus quiser ele vai ficar bom!!

Bjs, Néia

zool said...

Lee--> thanks for your my latest entry i show the milk brand

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