Sunday, May 30, 2010

White cat come to our house

Another unwanted cat come to our house. Now, the white fur..

Friday, May 28, 2010

Gafil, another cat in my house

Do you remember the new cat come to my house? The thick orange cat .. Nowaday, we decide to name it as Gafil ( idea from famous comic cat, Garfield)..

It just taking a bath.. He he .. Not by himself.. Pushed by my younger sister..

Steps to Bathe a Cat
1.Adopt a calm, positive attitude before and during the bath'it will help ease your cat's anxiety.
2.Consider trimming your cat's claws beforehand to reduce your risk of getting scratched (see related eHow 'Trim Your Cat's Nails').
3.Bring your cat into the bathroom. Close the door and keep it closed until you are finished.
4.Fill the bathtub with enough lukewarm water to cover your cat's paws.
5.Gently set your cat in the tub.
6.Give your cat free rein in the bathtub using minimal restraint, but gently hold on to the back of her neck if she tries to escape.
7.Apply lubricating eye ointment (available from your veterinarian) or a drop of baby or olive oil to your cat's eyes to prevent irritation from the shampoo.
8.Scoop water in a plastic cup, and pour it over the cat until her fur is wet, making sure to avoid her eyes.
9.Apply a regular shampoo made for cats, or a flea shampoo if needed, and rub it into the cat's fur. Use caution around the eyes.
10. Hold your cat under the faucet or scoop clean water over her to rinse.
11 Quickly pat or rub your cat dry with a towel.
12.Comb through your cat's fur to spend quality time together as she dries, then give her a special treat such as catnip or kibble for a job well done.

SOurce :-

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cat Eye Diease

OMG.. 'Oyen' get cat eye disease.. Dunno what disease ..Look at him..

What his disease?? Let's read the disease I've gather from internet..
Glaucoma is characterized by an increase in the pressure within the eye, which results in the improper functioning of the eye lens. The intraocular pressure can however be reduced by specific medications during the early stages. In severe cases, surgery is the only available treatment.

A common feline eye problem, melanoma develops due to the thickening of the iris. A veterinarian can easily notice the same. The color of the infected iris also visibly changes. The disease is generally prevalent among older cats. Normally, the contaminated eye is removed with the help of surgery.

In this disease, the eye lens become opaque and leads to optical disorders. If left untreated, cataracts may also lead to glaucoma. The disease is more common in dogs, rather than cats. So, it becomes important to detect and treat the primary causes of cataracts. Surgeries can be performed for lens transplants.

This eye disease in cats is attributable to presence of the Herpes virus in the body. The virus is found in the optic nerve, trigeminal ganglia, tonsils and even in the nasal terminates of cats. One of the easiest ways of preventing the disease is providing your cat with a Herpes vaccination.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
This is an inherited eye disorder in cats and is incurable. A cat with PRA suffers from a slow decrease in eyesight and eventually becomes blind. Due to the gradual and painless nature of the disease, an infected cat in such cases easily adapts to his reduced vision and blindness.

Conjunctivitis occurs when the eye membrane gets inflamed and reddened, often due to the presence of Herpes Virus. Treatments in such cases are very complicated and there might be recurrent surfacing of the disease. Various free-living organisms may also carry the disease.

Sudden Blindness
Stress and hypertension also give rise to sudden blindness in cats. Various hormonal disorders, kidney problems and diseases like Diabetes are off-shoots of hypertension in the animal, and leads to this condition. Bloody eye chambers and dilated pupils are its major symptoms.
- SOurce from

Anybody know what the possible disease for 'Oyen'??

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kitten without name

This is just another abandon cat comes to our house. Today, he bravely come to walk inside our house.
His fur is tidy.. Don't have any name yet.. Any suggestion ?

Friday, May 21, 2010

On the top

Yeah.. Oyen is on the top.. Not too high ..
Just on the cushion ma.. Ha ahha.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bad sleep -On the table

Cat such a funny animals when they sleep. They can sleep in such a weird position. This picture show 'Oyen' sleep on the magazine table.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Twin cat

Look at this cat.. Other's cat come from nowhere but have a same fur color..
Ha ha ha.. My 'oyen (our cat's name) ' get confuse when meet the others orange cat.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tired of study

Look at this cat. She sleep at the file and paper.. Maybe tired after study for exam.. He hehe.. Just joke.. This cat sleep at my file.. Naughty, isn't she?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Black white cat

This is a picture of our cats. Also die because cat disease. Dunno what disease..

There are website explain about cat disease. This is the common of cat disease:-

Campylobacter Infection : A bacterial disease associated with cats, dogs, and farm animals.Cat Scratch Disease: A bacterial disease associated with cat scratches and bites.

Chronic Renal Failure, or kidney disease in cats, is a very common condition in cats. progressive and permanent damage to the kidneys that reduces their capacity to filter and remove waste from the blood.

Coxiella burnetti Infection : A bacterial disease occasionally associated with cats.

Cryptosporidium Infection: A parasitic disease associated with cats, dogs, and farm animals.

Dipylidium Infection (tapeworm): A parasitic disease associated with cats, dogs and fleas.

Hookworm Infection: A parasitic disease associated with cats, dogs and their environment.

Leptospira Infection (leptospirosis): A bacterial disease associated wild and domestic animals including cats.

Plague Infection: A rare bacterial disease associated with rodents and cats and fleas.

Q Fever : A bacterial disease occasionally associated with cats.

Rabies: A viral disease associated with various animals, including cats.

Ringworm: A fungal disease associated various animals, including with cats.

Roundworm: See Toxocara Infection.
Salmonella Infection : A bacterial disease associated with various animals, including cats.

Tapeworm : See Dipylidium Infection.

Toxocara Infection ( roundworm): A parasitic disease associated with cats, dogs and their environment.

Toxoplasma Infection : A parasitic disease associated with cats and their environment
Reference :- Acecathealth

Wow.. Many disease..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Picture of 4 kitten sleep

This is picture about 4 kitten sleep ..
Only a cat still survived in our world. The orange color.

Picture taken by Sony Ericcson S312 ..The quality is bad..

Having Cats As A Pet

Having cats as a pet is just a hobby.. For us, cats just a pet that we share our home, food with them..
This is 2 cats that still share our house.. They are different in age, size and color but still can make friends.. It is different from human. Do you agree??

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Another kitten was lived in my house

This picture was taken about 3 months ago.. This cat's die last month because of disease. His life is short but I've still have memory about him.. He is such a shy cat but active ..

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