Saturday, July 16, 2011

How could human do this to cat

Today, I just want to write. The entry is a bit emotional and maybe lack of writing. Honestly, I'm not good in English but I'll try to write properly.
How could human do to this to cat :-

1. I've watch a youtube video about a violation of a beautiful lady stomp on the cat. The cat still alive and she stomp until the cat eye's ball out. It is very cruel especially they record and laugh. Sorry, I won't give you the link because I won't support and make they popular.
2.Cut their legs just because the cat steal fish. It is true story and I dunno what to say...
3. Throw baby cat only a days after born. I know, cat give birth to many kitten. Sometimes 3-5 and it will keep annoying with their meowing. But to throw it in such young days in unacceptable. Wait untill he/she can run and get their own meal.
4. Place the cat in the cage but never feed it. Why keep it but don't give it a meal. It is better to put him to other's place that he/she can get food. We are not a rich people, we can't feed our cat with food like Frieskies or Whiskas everyday but we share our meal with them..
5. In the food court, sometimes there's a cat that trying to get some food. Why some of human beat the cat. If you don't want to get interfere just throw some meat or fish. If not just ignore.. Yes, it is quite annoying but they also a living creature in our world. Share with them not make you poor
I'm not a cat lover eventhough we have many cat. We just care them as a human being.
Sorry for writing this but I think sometimes I need to write rather than just posting picture.


umi_e said...

It's really sad to know that there are people so cruel towards animals... :((

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