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Cat will angry when wet

As I've mention before, I would like to find an article and post it on Sunday... For today entry it is about cat that will angry when wet..... Let's read the article...

Cats mix with water like, well...oil and water. Take James Madison. James can often be found with his little white paws on the edge of the tub, marveling at the water spraying from the shower head, but according to his owner, Lyn Jerde of Wisconsin, the tabby’s interest in water stops at observing. He never wants to get wet. To send him running, she says, "all we have to do is wet our hands and flick a few drops of water at him."

Why Cats Avoid Water
According to experts, there are several reasons why our house cats avoid getting wet. Theories include the fact that cats:
Descend from arid regions
Have land-based prey
Are fussy groomers

Ancestors Lived Without Water

So why do cats take an interest in water but don’t mix with it? Bonnie Beaver, DVM, a professor of small animal medicine and surgery at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and the author of Feline Behavior: A Guide for Veterinarians, says it’s not that cats don’t like water. After all, they drink it every day. It’s just that they don’t really need to get wet.

According to Dr. Beaver, ancestors of our modern house cats lived in semi-arid regions of Africa. These wild cats took water from their food. By necessity, they learned to live without a source of drinking water. Our pets would have been very different, says Dr. Beaver, if they had evolved from tigers, which live in wet jungles and are quite comfortable with water.

Prey is Land Based
Wayne Hunthausen, DVM, who practices in Westwood, Kansas, and has co-authored the Handbook of Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat, also notes that cats aren’t forced to swim for their dinner. "Their prey is land-based," he says, "and they don’t need to swim in the water to hunt for food."

So cats don’t hate the water. It just seems that way because instinct they inherited from over hundreds of generations tells them there’s no good reason to dip their toes in water.

Cats are Notoriously Nit-Picky
And don’t forget about cats’ fussy grooming habits, the doctors say. Water can rub a cat’s coat the wrong way. That means lots of licks to get every hair back in place.

So it’s really no wonder at all that James Madison behaves the way he does. Yes, he’s curious enough to watch the washing machine drain into the basement utility sink, but not so curious that he’ll go against his nature. "He may stick his head close," Jerde says, "but he never reaches with his paws for the water."

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The Whiskeratti said...

Interesting info! Toby liked water a lot when he was young, and both of us still go through phases of sink sitting, tub investigating....

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