Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oyen got ringworm

My cats ringworm infection in his ear. It is a bit ticklish when viewing the ears. Do not know what to do with the situation. Maybe next week will bring animals to the clinic Oyen.Poor this little cat.

Found some good info how to treat ringworm.

Ringworm treatment

Ringworm treatments include:

* Shampoos
* Lime sulfur dips
* Topical medications
* Trimming or shaving the fur (though some vets do not recommend shaving cats when treating ringworm, as it may actually spread the fungus)

1. Oral Medication:

Griseofulvin is the drug of choice for ringworm infections.

• It should be fed with a fatty meal or some corn oil to increase its absorption.

• Griseofulvin should never be given to pregnant animals and cats that are FIV-positive.

• Common side effects can include lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhoea

Itraconazole is another drug that is increasingly used for ringworm infection.

• The efficacy of the drug is similar to griseofulvin, but it can be prohibitively expensive

• Should not be given to pregnant animals

• The most common side effect is nausea

Ketoconazole is a similar drug to itraconazole.

• Ketoconazole is infrequently used due to a high incidence of adverse side-effects and the resistance of some strains of ringworm to it.

2. Environmental treatment: Spores can survive for years in the environment. In order to minimise the spread of infection to other animals and people, it is imperative to effectively treat the environment. If possible, brushes, combs, and bedding should all be discarded.

Dilute bleach is an effective disinfectant for surfaces around the house. Vacuum-cleaning should be performed daily and disinfection weekly until the infection is eliminated.

3. Topical therapy: the jury is out about the efficacy of topical therapy. Traditionally, infected animals have been clipped and treated with topical antifungal preparations. Some effective treatments are enilconazole, lime-sulfur dips, and miconazole/chlorhexidine shampoo (Malaseb).

Source :- Suite 101
The Pawblog

There are a lot of useful information on the Internet. It should be taken to the vet and have to do as above tips.


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