Monday, September 13, 2010

Oyen and Uteh bring to vet clinic

Oyen and Uteh brought to cat vet to treat ringworm.

Veterinar treat Oyen ears.

Uteh being inject to ensure it's free from bacteria.

Read some good tips for vet visit to reduce cat stress

Tips for Reducing Cat Stress:

1. Always use a cat carrier to transport your cat. This is so much safer than having a cat roaming free through a vehicle. It is also safer than trying to carry your cat in your arms, even with a leash. Cats can jump out of your arms, possibly hurting you, and running away.

2.Choose a carrier with a removable top. Hard plastic carriers are ideal. The removable top makes it much easier to remove the top of the carrier, place the cat inside, and then refasten the top of the carrier than trying to force the cat through the small door. At the clinic, your veterinarian can remove the top of the carrier, and in many cases, the cat can stay right in the carrier during the exam, vaccinations, etc.
3.Make the carrier an enjoyable place. Days before actually venturing out, bring out the cat carrier, leave it open and line it with a really cozy material. Start placing taste-tempting treats into the carrier. You can feed meals in the carrier as well. Your cat will soon start equating the carrier with good things. You may also wish to spray the carrier with a product such as Feliway, which may reduce anxiety.
Help your cat get used to car rides. Once your cat is used to the carrier, place the carrier (with the cat inside) in the car, give an incredible cat treat, and then return the cat to the house and release her. Repeat this several days until your cat happily goes out to the car. Next, for a few days, start the car, give a delicious treat, and turn off the car. If your cat accepts that readily, take short trips up and down the driveway or around the block, while giving really great treats. Finally, for a few days, take some round trips to the veterinarian’s parking lot and return home.
4.Make the clinic a great place to visit. Now take some trips to the veterinarian and just go to the waiting room, have the veterinary staff give some wonderful treats, and head home. Then graduate to taking the cat into the exam room, give treats, and head out. (Telling the veterinary staff about your plans beforehand would be a nice courtesy. They will be more than happy to help make your cat more at home during the visits.)

Source :- Pet Blog


Kate said...

I hope Oyen gets better soon :) Great tips!

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