Saturday, March 16, 2013

Writing again - Lak and Kelabu

Hello.. Long time not writing this blog. And many stories happen to our cat. So, I'll summarize some of the stories of our cat 1. Kantung was die I'm not remembered the time. Maybe 3 months ago. Dunno what happen but suspect that he got some cat disease. He got sick and it is become worst. About a week he struggle and at last die peacefully. R.I.P Kantung. It is such a sad story especially he is the most active cat we've own... | For more picture and older picture about kantung you can click here | 2. Lak was an accident but survive Lak has been hit by my father's car. In the beginning he look sick and struggle but he can survive. It is second time he is involved in an accident. Before this, we don't know what hit him but now, he is in good condition and back to interrupt our meal while eating especially breakfast time. You can read the first accident that Lak survive . 3. Buangan give birth to 3 babies Another babies from Buangan. It is just 2 week and look which one can survive. 4. Maki still live. She is the oldest cat in our house. I'm not remembered how old is she but maybe more than 3 years old. Okay, for this entry watch this scenario. Lak and Kelabu hug together to sleep.


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