Friday, October 14, 2011

Cat eyes disease

I dunno what happen to Oyen eyes.. It is a disease or because he is very lazy or too many sleep. Look at his eyes..

p/s :- My sister said it is because I always take his picture . Is it true??


Nikita said...

Eu acho que pode ser preguiça mesmo...rsrsrs Agora quanto a tirar foto eu não sei dizer, sempre tiro fotos das minhas gatinhas e não fica assim.

Bjs, Néia

The Lee County Clowder said...

The third eyelid showing like that usually means the kittie is feeling poorly. If it is just on one eye, he might just have something in the eye, or have a scratch on the eye.

Brian said...

Yes, that should be checked just to be on the safe side! Purrs to all!

Unknown said...

Cat Eye disease or Uveitis relates to an swelling of specific inner pigmented components of the cat's eye. Many of the infected diseases in cats include the eyes.

eyes disease

Unknown said...

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