Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another abandoned cat

Dunno why our house become a place to throw cat.. Today, I've heard some noisy sound in front of my house and check. OMG , another abandoned kitten.  It is still new . I think  it was born less than a week. It is still not open their eyes yet. This is bad because :-

1. The weather is cold and the people throwing it on the early morning without blanket. He/she will caught in fever or disease and could die.
2. She/he is still new and some of male cat like to eat his brain. In my area, there's many male cat. Luckily he/she not being noticed by another male cat..
3. That human just place the cat in front in my house which is near the main road. Another luckily the kitten not walk on the road. If he/she walk it won't be noticed by driver and could easily hit by vehicle.
4. The kitten is still young. He/she need a mother especially to get milk. It also need attention from mother. Luckily 'Maki (one of female cat in my house)' look interested to become her/his adopted mother..
Look at the picture..


Brian said...

I sure hope that little baby will be okay, so sad the way humans throw critters away. I hope you have a very nice weekend.

Repositório said...

I hope this baby found a lovely home!!!

zool said...

brian --> yes.. I'm sad about it.. how can they throw this young kitten. they can't survive without mother..
repositorio --> in our home.. hope they (just found 2 other's abandon cat) can survive

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