Friday, May 28, 2010

Gafil, another cat in my house

Do you remember the new cat come to my house? The thick orange cat .. Nowaday, we decide to name it as Gafil ( idea from famous comic cat, Garfield)..

It just taking a bath.. He he .. Not by himself.. Pushed by my younger sister..

Steps to Bathe a Cat
1.Adopt a calm, positive attitude before and during the bath'it will help ease your cat's anxiety.
2.Consider trimming your cat's claws beforehand to reduce your risk of getting scratched (see related eHow 'Trim Your Cat's Nails').
3.Bring your cat into the bathroom. Close the door and keep it closed until you are finished.
4.Fill the bathtub with enough lukewarm water to cover your cat's paws.
5.Gently set your cat in the tub.
6.Give your cat free rein in the bathtub using minimal restraint, but gently hold on to the back of her neck if she tries to escape.
7.Apply lubricating eye ointment (available from your veterinarian) or a drop of baby or olive oil to your cat's eyes to prevent irritation from the shampoo.
8.Scoop water in a plastic cup, and pour it over the cat until her fur is wet, making sure to avoid her eyes.
9.Apply a regular shampoo made for cats, or a flea shampoo if needed, and rub it into the cat's fur. Use caution around the eyes.
10. Hold your cat under the faucet or scoop clean water over her to rinse.
11 Quickly pat or rub your cat dry with a towel.
12.Comb through your cat's fur to spend quality time together as she dries, then give her a special treat such as catnip or kibble for a job well done.

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