Saturday, March 6, 2010

Immigrant cat

This is another immigrant cat come to our house...
Dunno what to describe or write..
Just look yourself and read my imagination dialogue..
You can write your own too..

Immigrant Cat :- This house smell fish.. I'm hungry now..

Immigrant Cat :- OMG.. There's another cat in this house.. I must look cool..
Catz in My House :- Why her smell stinks?? Is she new??

Immigrant Cat :- Meow.. You're rude.. Smell my a**..

Immigrant Cat :- I must go before another cat trying to smell my a**. Good bye.. This is my last posing ..

p/s :- Sorry. My English is poor .. I hope you still can understand.


kenwooi said...

at the back of my home also got lots of cats =)


Ahahaha, the captions are funny!

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